Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Kisspat Filigree Cascading Leaf Earrings

Hello all~

This is a short and sweet show & tell of these lovely earrings that Kisspat sent over to let me try out. I haven't worn any earrings in months so this was a much needed kick in the behind to keep my piercings from growing shut! I find myself reaching for rings and bracelets far more often than my necklaces and earrings, I keep trying to remind myself to stick some in before leaving the house...

These are made of light-weight brass leaves that cascade down into a triangle, they look huge but they're not heavy at all and hardly noticeable while you're wearing them. They're laser cut and you can tell that they're machine made, but very intricately designed and super pretty! Because these are linked together and each individual leaf is loose, they tend to get tangled and take a bit of work to lay flat again. This isn't something you'd want to toss in a drawer, they need to be kept hanging while not in use to make sure they don't get gnarled up. I learned that the hard way in the past with some lovely chain & gear dangly earrings, I still haven't been able to get those evil things to look the way they did before.

 This came in a set of two slightly different designs, I haven't had a chance to try the second pair out yet, but they both seem to be high quality, not like the cheap jewelry you'd get at a mall that tends to fall apart. I've gotten hair stuck in an earring that I had bought from a Claires and had it fall apart in my hands just by tugging at it a bit!

Here's where to check these out if you're so inclined, the same shop also has some gorgeous agate and crystal jewelry listed that I'm drooling over. My Amazon wishlist is getting too long.....